Volunteering for Lifeline can be a very rewarding experience. There are various opportunities for volunteering within the organisation such as telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling, group training and facilitation, fundraising etc.

Becoming a LifeLine counsellor

The Process

In order to provide an effective crisis counselling service to the community, LifeLine needs to recruit and train volunteer lay counsellors. After completing both, the personal growth and counselling training courses, a selection process follows for people who decide to become LifeLine volunteers.

The successful applicants are required to undergo a further probationary training program aimed at honing their counselling skills. However, there is no obligation to become a LifeLine volunteer. Trainees may do the courses purely for their own benefit.

Being a LifeLine Counsellor

The team of Volunteer LifeLine Counsellors cover all the services rendered by LifeLine Pretoria. You will start off with telephone and/or face-to-face Counselling, and get further training on Trauma, HIV/AIDS and Rape Crisis counselling if you should choose to.

What do I do as a counsellor?

LifeLine counsellors help the people who phone them find options. Everyone at some stage faces difficult choices, crises, and trauma. Counsellors offer clarity in what is a chaotic situation in the caller’s life. They offer callers the chance to feel heard in a meaningful way, to achieve a sense of release after having spoken to someone who is non-judgmental, accepting and respectful of them as people. An as a result of that connection, callers will feel a sense of personal power and be better able to deal with their problems.